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  1. DiscoInferno
    As for the comparison of the vampire attacks to Tribunal, the only really bad thing about the assassins in that game is that they attack you from level 1 which makes no sense in-story, most likely an oversight. But they only attack you, no-one else. There's no babysitting, no chance of losing out on content, and unless you're roleplaying basic needs they can be avoided altogether by not sleeping. Those can't be said for the vampire attacks.
  2. DiscoInferno
    It's not that the plot was bad fundamentally, I mean it makes sense that a vampire with big ambitions would want to blot out the sun. It's that all the little details were just story-breaking; Serana, seeking out the bow yourself, the vampire attacks drawing attention to the big bad guy's gang. Skyrim's main quest is bland, but there's only one point where the bad guy handicaps himself and that's unintentional on his part and could be part of "fate". There's no point where, say, Aludin hands you the elder scroll you need to defeat him or your character undermines their own efforts to stop the dragons. So while the story is bland, there's nothing that truly eats away at your mind or gets right in your face with its stupidity to rip you right out of the game and stops you from enjoying the little points inbetween. That's the bad thing, pulling you out of the game.
  3. Samiam22
    I was wondering what that was about.

    Thinking about it, I generally agree. Dawnguard had the most normie vampire plot possible, and I don't think there was a single concept relating to vampires in Dawnguard that wasn't nicked wholesale from Underworld or Castlevania or something. Still, I didn't really pay much attention to Dawnguard's writing quality because I didn't expect much from Bethesda. They haven't had an original thought since Shivering Isles if you're being generous and Morrowind if you're not. You would have thought that they'd have learned not to do the random vampire attacks after making the exact same mistake in Tribunal 8 years earlier, too.
  4. DiscoInferno
    3) Its writing is so bad that I, queen of the fools, noticed just how fundamentally TERRIBLE it was. And that's a bad thing. If I notice just how bad it is, you have failed as a writer. For all Fallout 4's flaws, there isn't a mission where you find Shaun, then follow him and his kidnapper to find out where he's being taken to to rescue him from the people who don't have him yet.

    Luckily, the mod Timing is Everything allows you to delay the vampire attacks and the Dawnguard recruitment quest indefinitely so all the bad bits of Dawnguard are locked away. I have to coc or use other console commands to get to the Forgotten Vale but that's a small price to pay.
  5. DiscoInferno
    1) Dawnguard is impossible to ignore because the constant vampire attacks on towns (something I neglected to mention in my rant, come to think about it) interfere with my need to babysit every NPC in the game. So it's something I would HAVE to do anytime I wanted to replay the game. So its suckiness ends up sticking out like a sore thumb.

    2) The character of Serana deals with the subject of sexual abuse, having a very uncomfortable subject attached to a terribly written character that you cannot get rid of isn't enjoyable a game experience and to me seems somewhat disrespectful. 'Rape as Backstory' is a terrible crutch for character motivation, Nexus-teir terrible. Also she leaves ash piles everywhere which never despawn on consoles and cause save game bloat.
  6. DiscoInferno
    I just realised I posted that Dawnguard post that was meant for here on my own page so how about I hit you with some late replies to an argument.
  7. Samiam22
    Nevermind then, one useful rating will do.

    On the topic of Dawnguard however, I don't really see what the problem is. Sure, it's badly written and badly paced and full of nonsensical plot holes, but that's rather standard for Bethesda. It seems pretty personal that it's as bad as it is to you.
  8. DiscoInferno
    Now you're getting creepy and I'm not liking it.
  9. Samiam22
    I could still do that if you'd like. I could be your box slave, and follow you around rating every one of your posts dumb regardless of context or content.
  10. DiscoInferno
    jk im not mad really

    I half-expected you to change it to dumb to teach me a lesson but that's ok.