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  1. Samiam22
    I personally agree with the climate thing, but my view is that a climate will be caused by particular, problematic mods. Where there's smoke, there's fire, and all that.
  2. SEKCobra
    IDK, there have always been such mods and such mods, I don't really have a problem with specific mods now, but I really dislike the climate that is being caused right now.
  3. Samiam22
    Well, in a way, we kinda co-ordinated it even if we didn't plan to. Personally, I've never liked the mods on FP, but I feel that the mods now (especially *those* two) are really trying my patience. They're basically everything I think mods shouldn't be.
  4. SEKCobra
    If you say 'go team' it sounds like we coordinated this, I've been feeling fairly similar for a while, but I couldn't put in the effort to find the right words. I also believe in Hezzy.
  5. Samiam22
    High five for being out here and making a difference. Go team.