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  1. Roll_Program
    You're the girl.
  2. Spycrabz
  3. Roll_Program
  4. Roll_Program
  5. Spycrabz
    Youre terrible.
  6. Roll_Program
    Well, it's terrible.
  7. Spycrabz
  8. Roll_Program
    What the fuck happened to your avatar?

    Get a dragon on it ASAP.
  9. Roll_Program
    Oh shush :P People are allowed to have fun and have fantasies. He's allowed to take the persona of an anthro fox as much as you're allowed to to be the fun police.

    You [I]have[/I] to be pretty ignorant to think that because someone talks as if they're an animal on the internet (or at fur cons), that they [I]actually[/I] think they're a real fox or a real life anthro fox.
  10. Spycrabz
    You are not dating a fox. You and Simon are both humans, stop being moronic.