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  1. dookster
    Both.The concept, character, environment art and such and the actual in game models and and textures.
  2. Tomo Takino
    Thanks. So what do you do in Computer Game art? Make like concept art? Or just things in games?
  3. dookster
    Damn. Well good luck to you man. :(
  4. Tomo Takino
    Absolutely nothing. Its just impossible to get any kind of work here.
  5. dookster
    Computer Games Art :D Are you leaving school or starting college or something after the summer?
  6. Tomo Takino
    What are you studying?
  7. dookster
    It sucks. Back to university, second year.
  8. Tomo Takino
    Eh, pretty much the same job hunting here is impossible because there are no jobs at all.

    Where are you leaving, school or college or something?
  9. dookster
    I know right? It's not bad. Job hunting is balls, especially when no one is hiring because you're going to leave in September. How 'bout you?
  10. Tomo Takino
    Hi Dookster. Havent talk to you in ages. How are you?