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  1. Joppari
    its funny how people argue over internet
    i dont becaues its fucking retarded and both are fucking retarded if they argue
    do you believe that by arguing you acn change peoples opinions and beliefs and they'd go like "wow geez you were right all along! how was i so dumb oh lol"
    maybe irl but not on internet, and you probably never even argue irl
  2. Pnukup
    Yeah it's even more funny how that is exactly what you're doing.
    I've backed up my arguments, you haven't.
    I've been trying to keep it at a mature level, you haven't.
    You tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, well that's funny because I've yet to see you back any of your witty replies up with any facts other then attempts at being super witty.
  3. Joppari
    i love how you've never studied religion and take your bullshit facts from your ass and you don't even inspect them
  4. Joppari
    ahahah arguing on internet
    no one does that but 15 year old socially awkward kids who cant socialize irl so they argue on internet even though they dont know bullshit about it
    not implying you are one xdd
  5. Pnukup
    That's a bold statement from someone with no facts what so ever versus well backed up arguments with black on white facts.

    The Eurovision festival has received threats of a bloodbath.
    Why? Because Islam wants to kill them all for standing on the land where Muslim blood has been shed in the name of Allah.

    Four Muslims were arrested in an attempt to shoot up a newspaper HQ in Denmark.
    Why? Because in the eyes of Allah, it's the only right thing to do. (because they drew a picture of the prophet)

    And I'm more focused on the issue of the Islamisation of my country (by order of the Koran, Islam shall take over the world) so most of my arguments are specified around issues revolving my own country.

    Not that you seem to show any interest in a debate at any mature level what so ever, if you want one I'll deliver.
    If not, don't bother speaking your mind at all.

    And I truly appreciate that all supporters of Islam are Muslims.
    That is truly a fascinating fact.
  6. Joppari
    k so then your opinions and points are invalid, owned.
  7. Pnukup
    I don't need to study religion any more then I already have to know what I'm talking about.
    And let's use your logic.
    Please get 1.5 billion videos of people supporting Islam.
  8. Joppari
    study religion pls
  9. Joppari
    yeah because 2 people talk for 1.5 billino people
  10. Pnukup
    That is literally their goal...