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  1. Penultimate
    OH MY GOD THANK YOU! I kind of want to ask her if it's okay to use her photograph on my book, and I had no idea who took the wonderful picture. Seriously, dude, thank you. Also, Pvt. Martin, that is an adorable picture.
  2. Penultimate
    Exactly right! I'm glad one such parent has some sense about them. I mean, where are the Wright, Tossers of the world, or the Kuntstina Slutsmeyer?
  3. mac338
    It's terrible, some parents are simply not responsible. Kids are going to mock him far into his late teenage years, and maybe even after.
    I could never dream of naming my kids anything horrible like that. I've been a responsible parent and called mine Harry McSuckcock and Trude Burgerfat.
  4. Penultimate
    Oh! My mistake. Sorry. Yeah, it kind of is. But what about Gaylord? Why do people even name their kids that?
  5. mac338
    Oh sorry I guess I didn't make it clear.
    Kaiden is the gayest name of all time, def. not the worst.
  6. Penultimate
    Is it Kaiden or Kaidan? I think it's Kaiden. Anyway, I don't know. Hahaha. You just mentioned in that one hilarious thread that you hated the name, and I decided to message you randomly I guess?
  7. mac338
    Huh, why would I hate Kaiden?
  8. Penultimate
    Hi it's me again. Your favorite batcat on this forum. I also hate Kaiden. Not sure if you were talking about just the name or not, but I hate Kaiden anyway.
  9. Penultimate
    Oh, yes. I understand your reasoning, and it's a very good point. Honestly, I feel the same.
  10. mac338
    Sorry, he's a very intelligent man. He had some brilliant evolutionary thinking and wrote some good books. Very academic man, but honestly I can't respect anyone with a militant and arrogant attitude towards others people and their beliefs. It embarrasses me as an atheist to have a cover-figure is a man who preaches against preaching, before preaching himself. Live and let live I say.