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  1. PrusseluskenV2
    i have $1,36 on paypal
    i was going to update my title but i can't be bothered to move anything onto the pp account
  2. Starpluck
    fuk!!! my paypal account is limited. why does garry only use paypal?????/
  3. PrusseluskenV2
    damn dat sux
  4. Starpluck
    zionism branding stays 4 lyfe
  5. PrusseluskenV2
    pls do, i'd rather have a title for dissin a poop state than being a zionist
  6. Starpluck
    wow dont diss cali, k, or ill buy u a wprse title
  7. PrusseluskenV2
    it was terrible
  8. PrusseluskenV2
    once i dreamt about living in california
  9. Starpluck
    *sips* after 6 1/2 long brutal years i no longer live there. I am back in California.
  10. PrusseluskenV2
    do you want to go for some coffee
    we can discuss the middle east