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  1. Profanwolf
    He doesn't have infinite time to work on this, accept it.

    He has considered integrating JSRS, it might take time, you can deal with it until then.
  2. Garik
    Besides, most players use ACEX_SM or JSRS anyway.
  3. Garik
    But most of us aren't accepting of the fact that unmodded ArmA 2 sounds like shit.
  4. Profanwolf
    LandTex wasn't signed for v2 signing.

    I already told you how it affects things, I don't need to explain again.
    It also provides an unfair advantage if some sounds are clearer to other players, or louder.
  5. Garik
    What the hell happened to the LandTex keys.

    And by the way, how exactly do soundmods affect zombies?
  6. Profanwolf
    Looked it up and it seems it has a key with it, I will add it to the server shortly.
  7. Profanwolf
    I assume LandTex alters original files or adds new files. In the first case the signatures wouldn't match the servers signatures for the files, and in the second case i would need a key that authenticates the mod serverside :)
  8. Garik
    Your server doesn't like LandTex.

    Why's that?
  9. Profanwolf
    Yeah the sounds are quite bad right now, but it shouldn't be too long.
  10. Garik
    [i]Not sure why you disagree because for example currently the mod uses sound values from vanilla to calculate how much noise you make when you move around, acex_sm doesn't use values in the same format as vanilla does, and as such when i tried using acex_sm on my own server a few days ago, the mod bugged out and zombies couldn't hear/see me.[/i]

    Okay, I see, but I don't want to be stuck with the shitty ass airsoft sounds forever.