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  1. s0beit
    Reminds me of an interesting story within Star Trek.

    The Klingon prophet Kahless once traveled to a village. Within this village, he discovered that a rather devious storm was heading their way and everyone was advised to take immediate shelter. One man stood outside the village walls and outside of all protection. When Kahless asked the man "Why do you not seek shelter?" the man responded "I will not fear of the wind, I will become it's master." Kahless then warned the man of his misguided view and immediately headed for safety. As the storm passed, everyone worried for the man who would best the wind. Finally, when the storm had passed, they went to go find this either very courageous or very stupid man. He was never found, and proved one point. No one can best mother nature, no one shall be the master of the elements.

    I can tell you right now I'm not the Kahless of this story.