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  1. HumanAbyss
    Sir, you are too kind.

    again, thank you
  2. Coyoteze
    Try it now:
    I deleted one frame. That free'd up like 8kb :v
  3. HumanAbyss
    I would love it if you would do that for me

    that being said, I do love this soldier hugging the bucket
  4. Coyoteze
    I try to push the quality to its absolute maximum and Photoshop says it's 200.1kb exactly - chance is it's like 200.11 or something, and that messes it up :v I can fix it, unless you want to stick to your soldier-hugging-bucket one!
  5. HumanAbyss
    Thank you so very much.

    it says it's .1 kb too large
  6. Coyoteze
    here ya go
  7. HumanAbyss
    There's a nice clip of the soldier say "dear god" at 3 minutes into it, I don't know if that would work to make a good gif, if not, there's always the scene of him holding the bucket at 4:44.
    much appreciated
  8. Coyoteze
    Tell me what part of the video you want made and I'll do it
  9. HumanAbyss
    are you by any chance going to make a soldier avatar like you did spy, demo and scout? you did an awesome job, just wondering, i'd kill for a soldier one
  10. Coyoteze
    i meant like forum parole

    I have to behave or I get banned.