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  1. LifeIsGood
    You really don't deserve half the shit you've ever owned because all it's made you is pretty much a massively spoiled bitch who thinks he can do whatever he wants. You're not the center of the universe.
    i can't tell if you are trying to be funny or if you are just acting like the idiot you normally do
  3. LifeIsGood
    Grow a dick. Just because you run a community, are white, spoiled and make over 11,000 dollars off of a gaming community doesn't make you any better than others. You're just going to grow up as a nobody, and that's how it's going to be. So, please, Rofl, kindly fuck off yourself.
    fuck off
  5. LifeIsGood
    Rofl don't be mean to Pnukup. Just be friends with everyone.

    (I still hate MLP but Pnukup is older than you, man.)
  6. LifeIsGood
    Double dildo hot hentai butt action
    take your bullshit accusations somewhere else, thanks
  8. LifeIsGood
    Rofl stop being a FAGGOT and learn how to run an actual community without DDoSing others. Even a former admin or 2 told me about it.