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  1. Nifae
    <3!!!! So many :h:s!
  2. Mikesword221
    Alright it's done.
    Hope you like it.
  3. Nifae
    You are a god. :D
  4. Mikesword221
    Yeah I can do that.
  5. Nifae
    Yeah. :D Not to be a bother, but would you be okay with me having the original black one with purple eyes too? :P I must be really annoying, but I could alternate between the two sometimes.
  6. Mikesword221
    This better?
  7. Mikesword221
  8. Nifae
    I got it working. :o Could I request something about the skin? :o I like it, and I dunno how to exactly say it, but maybe you could make it a little lighter? Like...um....the darker colors would be grey and stuff...like a base of white with added grey to make it look like shading? :D

    If not that's cool, awesome skin already. :D
  9. Mikesword221
    I was able to upload it. Have you tried recently?
  10. Nifae
    Awesome. :D If only minecraft.net wasn't down so I could upload it aghghghhghghg. <3