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  1. Drsalvador
    ur rite ders no stoppin me im lik a frite train
  2. Drsalvador
    com at me bb iv got concept albuns
  3. DarkendSky
    i am the gay weed hitler irl

    im gon bake u
  4. Drsalvador
    da flepcher menorian hone,,,,,,,,,

    for incubarle....... tyRANTz

    nd king\zz
  5. DarkendSky
    plz just hold me + sing swwet hip hop rhymes into my ear like 'sweetaet' by snop dug.

    garl i jus wan make u swet
  6. Drsalvador
    lets poaly careful with that axe ugene
  7. DarkendSky
    ur make me so hARDFE.... lets fuk
  8. Drsalvador
    lets fuck bb
  9. DarkendSky
    i ame excitde 4 new band form. i play el synth.
  10. Drsalvador
    you are my newww best friend