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  1. YourFriendJoe
    thanks man
  2. YourFriendJoe
    didn't know where to ask you so I guess I should ask here

    is it possible to change my digitalero username?
  3. YourFriendJoe
    Thanks rastifan, digitalero never ceases to help and amaze me.
  4. YourFriendJoe
    Hey that comic you did on the troll poses, the funny one with the knights, what's the female model that you used in it?
    I would go through your deviantart looking for it or digitalero but right now isn't the best time to do it...
  5. YourFriendJoe
    Thank you man, that would be a huge help.

    I was also debating on whether or not to get all of the hairstyles from Artificial Academy. Don't know if you play it or not, but damn does it have a lot of hair.
  6. YourFriendJoe
    Well I did try that dildo, but like I said on the forum, I can't compile worth shit. If you knew of anyone who could do that Rastifan, then I'm sure high quality textures and bumpmaps,normalmaps,etc. could come later.

    I mean you do run Digitalero, but no one really seems to want too help me there.
  7. YourFriendJoe
    No problem :)

    Actually speaking of gmod related I have to go back to getting illusion models.
  8. YourFriendJoe
    I'd like to take some time and just congratulate you for everything gmod related you have done.
  9. YourFriendJoe
    Could I start referring to you as the "nude model" god?