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  1. Kopimi
    its been like 2 years and i still dont know who you are or what youre talking about lol
  2. AngryChairR
    you have an endless supply of stupid opinions...
  3. Kopimi
    who are you
  4. AngryChairR
    l0l ur posts are p interestin lol wait ther ill feind scernshott of shift key s ou can type proporly
  5. Kopimi
    who r u
  6. AngryChairR
    Haven't seen one of your shitposts for a while, thought you got perma'd.

    How unfortunate.
  7. AngryChairR
    lol your angry
  8. AngryChairR
    somebody went out of their way and spent $20 to tell everybody how much of a faggot you are
    do you feel special at all?
  9. AngryChairR
    no vendetta, you are just a horrible poster
  10. AngryChairR
    ohohoho you aren't very popular are you
    you should go back to posting on darklands