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  1. Nikota
    I try my best sir!
  2. Kopimi
    youre awful
  3. Kopimi
    youd be surprised at how low ive set the bar for judging other peoples posts
  4. Nikota
    You're a hard to please person from your posts, so its expected.
  5. Kopimi
    normally id commend you on that but judging from your replies..
  6. Nikota
    I rate maybe two people a day if I have to. If I need to express my opinion, I reply.
  7. Kopimi
    i feel like that was supposed to be a stab at me, but surely you couldn't be that much of a hypocrite..
  8. Nikota
    I'd love to debate this. But I have to go around rating people who I disagree with dumb.
  9. Kopimi
    thats an adorably stupid way to defend a much less adorable accusation of racism
  10. Nikota
    Sorry. Haven't been able to use the race card since Election season 2008. Was using it almost so much back that that i nearly broke my arm. Got a little excited about it.