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  1. Drsalvador
    beneath the skin
    we are already
  2. minilandstan
    Funnier than you meatbag
  3. Drsalvador
    not the king of zing
  4. Drsalvador
    [B]do you know who ate all the dough nuts

    i think i am some form of goat[/B]
  5. Drsalvador
    hes hardly the sharpest knife in the box
  6. minilandstan
    I'm not surprised to be honest.
  7. Drsalvador
    no i convinced him was a transsexual 17-year-old(illegal in his state) and he came onto me and shit.
  8. minilandstan
    Wait, were you dating Demoniclemon or something?