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  1. eternalflamez
    Okay then. Have a puppy.


    [sub][sub]Shamelessly stolen from my own profile messages. I'm so lazy.[/sub][/sub]
  2. Hilarious Pill
    I don't there is, but that's alright
  3. eternalflamez
    <3 Thankyou. Is there anything I can do in return?
  4. Hilarious Pill
    Nevermind, found it myself


  5. eternalflamez
    [url]http://i.imgur.com/r1tZU.jpg[/url] , thanks again.
  6. Hilarious Pill
    I would, but it would be useful if you could give me the original image.
  7. eternalflamez
    By any chance, are you still the guy who makes everyone's avatar transparant? Care to make the white on mine transparant?

    If not, I totally understand. I'm feeling like I'm using you though...
  8. Hilarious Pill
    Is see it transparent, so I guess it changed already
  9. eternalflamez
    :3 Thankyou, Look, already using it. How long does it take to change on the forums though? Or has it already?
  10. Hilarious Pill