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  1. The BoxDog
    Been sick.
  2. Greenen72
    where the fuck are you
  3. The BoxDog
    Nice to know you're ontop of things with my ratings.
  4. The BoxDog
    Great minds think alike.
    Also addingto the list
    sobotnik because I forgot him.
  5. Greenen72
    Good grief you basically quoted me and sobotnik about dai
  6. The BoxDog
    Us, Rocko's, Hardpoint nomad, Salty peanutV2, nerts, mintymgnity( I think that's how you spell it) Quick snapz, Noth, Psychopath12, desert rat 12, good theif, i would say Dai, but if I suck that dick any hard it's going to fall off. and there are more, but those are all I can think of right now.

    (added after edit)
  7. Greenen72
    Give me a list of good posters to add to the archive
  8. The BoxDog
    the old members will always fall for it.
    Hell, even I clicked it.
  9. Greenen72

    How much do you want to bet people would still fall for this
  10. The BoxDog
    and you're not a zillamaster