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  1. LegndNikko
    By petting your pet feline.
  2. No_Excuses
    But how does one acquire such a substance?
  3. LegndNikko
  4. No_Excuses
    Hot AND wet you say? Oh stop it. I don't believe you.
  5. LegndNikko
    It's very hot and wet. Hence how it came to be. When water (which is wet) is heated, it becomes steam (which is hot.)
  6. No_Excuses
    Good call...so uh, Steam?
  7. LegndNikko
    That was a nice story. I'mma go to bed, now
  8. No_Excuses
    Oh SHI- Before I can react my over-arched spine snaps like a dry leaf in the sun and I am forever bound to a wheel chair. The end.
  9. LegndNikko
  10. No_Excuses
    OH well see I asked if you were ready so I could pay you with a certified check, but it seems like you have other plans ;D

    What am I sucking anyways?