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  1. Dr. Deeps
  2. TheFilmSlacker
    Fine, I'll PM you.
  3. Dr. Deeps
    It's sadly true though. It seems like Atheists are in general bigger douches than most religious people. They want to debate you on everything because they think that because they'd rather live for themselves they are instantly mentally superior...
  4. TheFilmSlacker
    Because it makes so much sense and doesn't make you sound like a jerk at all.
  5. Dr. Deeps
    Haha why?
  6. TheFilmSlacker
    Just read the religious beliefs section of your Facebook.

    I love you.
  7. Dr. Deeps
    I'm known for being an arrogant fuck. It's all good dude.
  8. TheFilmSlacker
    Look, I know that you have different views than Sandman and I, but I just felt you were being incredibly arrogant.

    I don't hate you, but what you said went a little far.
  9. Dr. Deeps
    It's all good dude. I decided to end it since I was going to be staying at a friends house overnight and felt like being social.
  10. TheFilmSlacker
    Sorry about the Facebook argument, dude.