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  1. TCB
    Sure <3
  2. Camper99
    Yo TCB, u interested in SMITE closed beta? Got a spare key.
  3. Camper99
    Dat Avatar.
  4. TCB
  5. Camper99
    Oh wow.
  6. TCB
    I've not sure, I think he's serious. Nobody would waste this much time making themselves look like a moron.
  7. Camper99
    Is it confirmed that he's not a troll? I mean people who act like that are mostly trolls.
    Or like you said have a mental defect.
  8. TCB
    I'm sure he has some sort of mental defect. Nobody can be this insane while attempting to justify it by saying "but i dont do it in public".
  9. Camper99
    Damn bro, why can't GenPol see that his bottle-pissing-ninja-action just wouldn't work out.