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  1. King Nothing
    Thanks for the info, the necrobard svn is the link on the first page right? Where you can find materials, models, SMD and lots of other stuff? You simply paste that link into the tortoise SVN?
    Thanks a lot for answering by the way! Almost thought people were done dealing with this.
  2. EliteMohawk
    Its the necrobard svn you need and tortoise SVN if i can find it ill post a link
  3. King Nothing
    Hey, I just wonder if you could help me regarding the DOW2 models for garrys mod? There were/is a lot of talk about that "svn" thing, I got it installed and managed do download all the stuff and place it in.. yeah well a folder. after a while i managed to get the files to garrys mod addons but i cannot use/find them in the game.. The strange thing is that the files ARE in my addon folder (I can see them, but cannot use them in the game) not so sure why I ask you but you seem to have a good understanding of this and I hope that you can help i you want to.