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  1. salty peanut v2
  2. Shostakovich
    poke :o
  3. salty peanut v2
  4. Shostakovich
    C: hi!
  5. Shostakovich
    Don't panic I'm not dead just really busy and tired and I have a cold :S plus you're always offline when I come online. Don't aggpanic plz :3
  6. Shostakovich
    Happy Birthday!!! C:
  7. Shostakovich
    hallo dere
  8. Shostakovich
    Dude that wasnt meant to be an insult ;___; at all. I was trying to do either fall or autumn and then you went offline before I could explain :( sorry.
  9. Shostakovich
    aggron <3
  10. Shostakovich
    I just had a mental image of your avatar dancing.