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  1. Ian

    jesus this is exactly like arrested development
  2. katbug
    makes sense

    y'know, I've only ever met one person named Max, my full name is Maxwell.
  3. Ian
    mind powers

    actually it's just because on that gif you posted about databases or whatever, your google plus account was in the top left hand corner. ( +Max )
  4. katbug
    uuh, hi?

    how do you know my name?
  5. Ian
    hey max c:

    my name is max
  6. katbug
    I'll bet it was from my brother, in some form of complaint or another.
  7. Ian
  8. katbug
    How do you know my name :P
  9. Ian
    So is mine :o
  10. katbug
    yeah, why?