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  1. Somebody_404
    FUCK. OFF.
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  3. Somebody_404
    so sry dno wat got 2 me ):
  4. Somebody_404
    You're a tard, I hope this affects you for the rest of your life. Little bitch, fuck off from my profile and suck 11ty dicks or something, furfag faggot of a homo. Fucking dumb fucking cunt, fucking kick your fucking head in cunt.
  5. Somebody_404
    I'm not leaving Facepunch, come at me bro.
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  7. Somebody_404
    Also, LOL:

    >LOL you deleted my comment because you know I just fucking reamed [b]out out[/b], can't deal with your own fail?

    I don't think you can deal with your fail fail too ;)
  8. Somebody_404
    Yes, you're right, calling me a tool but I can't call you a furfag without getting a lecture Are you serious? Practice what you preach.
  9. Somebody_404
    LOL GGF, you have no idea how wrong you are, please stop with the fail... you you DOUBLE FURFAG
  10. Somebody_404
    Uh if you have noticed I stopped, because I am being the mature one. Why do you even care anyway?