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  1. Sobotnik
  2. eternalflamez
    Oh hi, haven't seen you in a while.
  3. eternalflamez
    How do you see where you are being mentioned? What is thou secret!
  4. Sobotnik
    I don't have it sorry.
  5. eternalflamez
    Sobotnik, can you give me a link to. Oh my your avatar.

    What was I saying ag~. Oh right, a link to the place your previous title linked to? :o
  6. eternalflamez
    Aw i was just gonna show you the picture that was also shown below.

    Ah well, look over here, you are being mentioned!

  7. eternalflamez
    Link to your new title doesn't work. :( Wonder whats there?
  8. eternalflamez
    Have fun with the title, brotha! :D I lol'd so hard over your reply in the LMAO section.