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  1. Dukov Traboski
    You need to be on steam like, 95% more
  2. Dukov Traboski
    go away
  3. Dukov Traboski
  4. Daemon White
    Yeah, I do more than Perskins. I'm also in the Elder Scrolls Megathread, Dark Souls Megathread, and a few misc others that catch my attention.
  5. Dukov Traboski
    do you even do anything on here other then the perskin thread?
  6. Dukov Traboski
  7. Daemon White
    You fool! Don't tell them my name! Damn you Zack!
  8. Dukov Traboski
  9. Daemon White
    Commit more evil for the glory of TEAM ROCKET!
  10. Daemon White
    I feel your pain of post loss. and yes, I still visit every now and then. but not so much now that the Custom Forums are gone.