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  1. rikimaru6811
    I understand. Glad you'll be doing it sooner or later though.
    Good luck.
  2. Paul-Simon
    Sadly I don't.
    If I ever make any, I'll post them in that thread though. (might do it today even)

    but I'm kinda super busy also due to King Harald of Norway coming and me taking pictures of him :p
  3. rikimaru6811
    Do you have many Crysis screenshots in 1080p? I would love to have some as my background.
  4. Paul-Simon
    Posted 1080p versions of the requested ones in the thread.
    Reason I'm not just posting them all is because I've somehow managed to delete the full resolution edited ones, and only have downscaled versions.
    So I have to re-edit the requested ones.
  5. rikimaru6811
    Can I have those cars images in 1080p?