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  1. Jackpody
    I have. Anyways, why do you want to keep ruining what I do? Is there a proper reason behind it or is it just "lolumad jackPOMNUII"I"IRI"?
    Like seriously, come up with a reason for it. Maybe I'll listen to you by then.
  2. Zed'd
    Then reply to my pm's? :-DDDD
  3. Jackpody
    contact me through pms on here if you want anything. If you want to keep harassing me, then don't.
  4. Zed'd
    What about that lego forum? Lying to my face!!??
  5. Jackpody
    Facepunch is the only forum I go to. Get out if you can't actually be a proper forum member here. Stop bringing horrible drama up. The end.
  6. Zed'd
    Okay. Bai
  7. Jackpody
  8. Zed'd
    >actual builders. Sorry jack but your "building skills" lacks like a madbro
  9. Jackpody
    So because you can't bother me on GMod anymore, you want to bother me on FP and bother everyone who's actual builders? Good riddance, Erfie. You've now made yourself look like a massive fool to the people who actually are in a contraption community.
    nice job.
  10. Zed'd
    Lmao jack, Since garry can't do proper ip detection. I'm keep getting back. Is there a problem with that? Or are you just beeing mad like usual?