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  1. Kirbyfactor
    Woops too late.
  2. Stoffy
    Kirby, what are you doing? You can't eat that fucking watermelon!
  3. Kirbyfactor
    Applejack is so high from all those apples.
  4. Stoffy
    Nah man, but you seem like a cool dude. Seen your posts everywhere in the TF2 subforum since I joined.
  5. Kirbyfactor
    Is that a date? ;o
  6. Stoffy
    Heh. We could talk on Steam if you want to talk more. o:
    I mean, if you want to.
  7. Kirbyfactor
    Kirby is indeed cool, glad we share that :D
  8. Stoffy
    Hey, you. Kirby is pretty cool and it was my first GB game.
  9. Kirbyfactor
    I can believe that.
  10. Stoffy
    You'd be surprised how hard it is to find good quality animated clop. It's pretty sad... :C