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  1. Stoffy
    Sent you an invite. Welcome, mate!
  2. MitchvW
  3. Stoffy
    Care for an invite? We're a friendly bunch with almost weekly events and a very active chat for the most part.
  4. MitchvW
    I see, and no I have never heard of that group before.
  5. Stoffy
    That explains why I haven't seen you before. I'm mainly around the TF2 subforum when I actually do post. Tell me, you're familiar with the [url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/poniesoffp]PoF[/url], right?
  6. MitchvW
    Mostly in the Dutch Thread, and the programming forum.
    Sometimes in general games discussion.
  7. Stoffy
    Ah, don't mind it, you. It's all in good fun.
    Haven't seen you around anywhere. Where do you hang out around Facepunch?
  8. MitchvW
    So are you, but errr.. That avatar and title link.
  9. Stoffy
    You're a smart guy.

    You know, choosing the best pony over them all and such.