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  1. Fallout!
    Hey i saw your post on Max's profile, you don't have to make a video for the releases, since the release is already a video, lol.

    That's why we release them on YT.
  2. Fallout!
    Lol, sure :) Good luck with that :P
  3. Itbankrock
    i think i should do that BO compile, give me a chance, :), and it's my brother's turn already, and i still have pir recognition tomorrow, i must sleep early, this 9PM.
  4. Fallout!
    Oh, well that explains you logging out on me all of a sudden :P Why are you on your iPad though, I thought it was already summer?
    Thanks for the welcome anyway. I've released the MP5K already by the way. Can you still get me the BO model?
  5. Itbankrock
    sup, welcome to facepunch, hope you can make moar cod skins, or start making MOH(Medal of Honor 2010) skins, Good Luck ;), sorry, i just using my Apple iPad.