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  1. AK'z
    don't go trusting too much :-)

    Nebraska was hilarious, Grand Budapest Hotel.. been meaning to see Frank, only heard great things but sadly it hasn't gotten a wide release.
  2. TheFilmSlacker

    I trust your judgement more than most people. If I were to go looking for a really good recent comedy, would you have any suggestions? :)
  3. AK'z
    Ah thanks mate.
    I like my films, but I do also like to help. :)
  4. TheFilmSlacker
    You're one of the coolest film bros I know on here. You've actually taught me a few things whether you're aware or not, mostly about foreign cinema and Coppola's work.

    Just saying thanks for being so consistent, I guess. Keep doing what you're doing.
  5. AK'z
    Once I start a TV show and really get into it.. I can't leave a gap where I don't watch it.
  6. TheFilmSlacker
    I thought you said you just started season 4 about 1-2 days ago. D:
  7. TheFilmSlacker
    You done season 4 of BrBa yet bro
  8. TheFilmSlacker
    Wowwwwwww dude. If you like the first season a lot, the second season is going to seem like a godsend.

    Season 3 is great. Probably my most rewatched season of all of them.

    But the fourth and fifth seasons put the rest of the series to shame. It'll be hard for you to rewatch old episodes after you're caught up, trust me.

    Sorry for geeking out or whatever, but your opinions are usually pretty sophisticated and to hear that you like the show is just awesome. Lemme know what you think of the fourth season finale whenever you catch up.
  9. AK'z
    just started 2, mate :)
  10. TheFilmSlacker
    my niggaaaaaaaaa

    So you mentioned that you like Breaking Bad a lot? I've gotta ask...what season are you on?