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  1. C0linSSX
    Dunno who I'd spread it to honestly, I'll certainly tell the people I play TTT with to avoid it but beyond that I'm not sure I can be much help
  2. asteroidrules
    Sorry if this sounds bad, but do what you can to help spread the word about that server? I know this may seem a bit petty but I do want justice for what he's done.
  3. C0linSSX
    Shit, thanks for the heads up.
  4. asteroidrules
    If you haven't tried that server yet: don't. Blacklist it, avoid it. I had a bit of a falling out with the administrator and now he's slandering me and stealing my work.
  5. C0linSSX
    Thanks man, I'll give it a go
  6. asteroidrules
    I assume you're talking about this one: It's the Slag Gaming TTT server, it's pretty good, though I'm not technically an admin I'm a "contributor" which gives me access to some administrative powers, and I'm friends with almost all of the admins.
  7. C0linSSX
    Speaking of Gmod, I'm looking for a good TTT server and IIRC you're an admin on one. Can you give me an IP?
  8. asteroidrules
    Yeah, I was DJing on a friend's Gmod server, I figured I should look the part, and I try to keep may avatars the same everywhere.
  9. C0linSSX
    Vinyl Scratch eh?
  10. C0linSSX
    Mission successful then