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  1. Craftsman
    you are the poopoo :)
  2. Oicani Gonzales
    my butthole puckered up just THINKING of it
  3. Craftsman
    yes, please i will ;;:D
  4. Oicani Gonzales
    oh BABY please PLEASE BABY;
  5. Craftsman
    i must destroy ur tiny butthole
  6. Craftsman
    u big dick :%&OO :D:DDDDAFGE
  7. Craftsman
    hey, please add kattmedenhatt on steam babyface
  8. Oicani Gonzales
    if you're being serious that's pretty weird, one of my alt accounts also got hacked yesterday
  9. Craftsman
    can't even get it back because he's changed the e-mail for it
  10. Craftsman
    yeah, he's cleaned out everything and shit