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    Definitely get the power armour as soon as you can. I won't spoil it for you unless you want me to, but it requires effectiveness in one of the following skill sets:

    Lockpick and Combat
    Repair and Speech
    Steal and Lockpick

    Get as many party members as you can, arm them with combat shotguns and have them help you out. The AI is rather notorious for shooting you in the back, so you're either going to have to step back or arm them with something that doesn't have a burst fire technique. Remember that the Super Mutants use the same AI, so if you get into the heat of things and start smashing at them in the middle of their party, they're going to rip each other to shreds.

    Anything specific you'd like to know?
    If you're planning on a reroll, I could help you out there.
  5. Krinkels
    Deathclaws only have melee attacks, running away is a viable option. Aim for the eyes if your critical chance is high enough. If you take the right perks your critical chance can become 100% if you have a high enough PE. Basically, with 10 AG and no movement perks, I would make an attack every two turns against a deathclaw. Stock up on Buffout or reroll if your AG is low. Drugs in Fallout can stack infinitely, so if you get enough loot, you can get enough drugs to increase your AG.

    Also, fast shot reduces AP use for all weapons in Fallout 1. If you get the super sledge from that guy in the Hub, then get the bonus melee attack perk, it costs one AP to use it. If you get slayer afterwards and your character has 10 Luck, you can pretty much score a critical every turn. If you get bonus move three times, your character can pretty much take out an entire party of super mutants in one turn.
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    No. It's different.
    Some squatters with no skills and no jobs who sustain themselves by raiding hole up in Vault 15.
    Also, there is suddenly a cliff face where there used to be none.
    Also, Fallout 2 Vault 15 had an elevator, Fallout 1 requires ropes.
    You didn't need to visit Vault 15 in Fallout 1. You do in Fallout 2.
    They're technically the same place though.
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    I love spoiling everything.
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    The valley is sort of like a cross between Fallout 2 Vault 15 and Redding.