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  1. Hamburgers
    Like 09 when I was on my first account, I thought it was unreal
  2. Emperor Scorpious II
    Oh god, that was so long ago I had that. I don't even know which of these computers at my house has the image saved
  3. Hamburgers
    I like your avatar that was a bunch of roman smileys having it out what what
  4. Hamburgers
  5. Emperor Scorpious II
    Touche, haha
  6. Hamburgers
    You're an emperor :P demand it
  7. Emperor Scorpious II
    I have no idea how I would even apply for the position
  8. Hamburgers
    hint hint
  9. Emperor Scorpious II
    There's been a handful of people who have said the same.
  10. Hamburgers
    Just to me you're just one of those people that should be