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  1. Shostakovich
    All right got another one for you: the introduction to Shostakovich's The Bolt. Starting at 3 minutes, O_O at the gong and awesome timpani. Fantastic piece.
  2. Shostakovich
    Hello =) Howard Hanson's Romantic Symphony 3rd movement ending = YES

    And in completely unrelated news, I want one of these and I'm sure you do too.[url=http://bigcitymusic.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_18&products_id=42&zenid=68dcadf915bf4192c5792f014ca5f679]French Connection ondes Martenot replica[/url]
  3. Shostakovich
    Sorry about the sudden departure. Parents + violin class = AAAAAA >=(
    You know all this already though ;)
    I'll talk to you later
  4. Shostakovich
    Have you tried this by any chance? Has to be the longest first movement of any piece I've ever seen. ~70 pages
  5. Shostakovich
    I'll see what I can do.
    What about .wav? It'll sound like an army of zombie accordion players, but it gives a better feel for how the music should sound than just reading the notes on a piece of paper.
  6. The Maestro
    I don't have Finale so probably not. Perhaps you could save them as a PDF?
  7. Shostakovich
    Can you read .mus files? (I.e. do you have Finale or one of Finale's products?) I composed some nice things and I wonder if you could look them over.
  8. The Maestro
    Thanks for the links.

    Hopefully you'll be back Steamin' before we know it.
  9. Shostakovich
    Thanks for the concern. Now, remember Spaceballs, the StarWars parody directed by Mel Brooks, master of comedy:
    Not quite the same, but my mom had left the program open overnight, so today I simply unblocked it when I woke up at ~6AM to feed the dog. It pisses me off though that they would do that spontaneously without telling me. I cannot wait for college. =)
    Also, have you ever heard Shosty's 8th String Quartet? It has some interesting "references" in its movements. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khpm7RLFnGw[/media] See if you can spot them all.
  10. The Maestro
    Ah, that sucks massive dick, bro.