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  1. Dick Tracy
    Can't be arsed really, have no use for it
  2. Hoboharry
    You should really downlaod Steam, bro.
    Why haven't you?
  3. Dick Tracy
    I either play old games that don't require steam (x-com ufo defense for instance, check it out if you havent ; it's sort of like the life of an imperial guardsman, you're thrown against aliens that are way, way superior than you and all you have is more guns than the enemy really) or games that doesn't require steam.
  4. Hoboharry
    Aww, what a shame.
    So how do you play your games in that case, if i may ask?
  5. Dick Tracy
    Hey man! No, sorry I don't.
  6. Hoboharry
    Hey bro.
    Got a steam profile?
  7. Hoboharry
    Well i thought your writing was good during all the CYOA, but you're welcome to pick up steam on the writing thing. :)
  8. Dick Tracy
    Well, it's been a huge break (over a month!) in the thread, and I want to get a good steady pace of updates (and readers suggesting things) before I'll think about bringing in someone (if there is anyone willing of course) to draw in the CYOA. =)
  9. Hoboharry
    Pick up steam?
    What do you mean?
  10. Dick Tracy
    I've been getting into drawing stuff so I could perhaps add that to the next update, I'll also work on my writing too so that it's easier to follow for everyone. =)
    I have to pick up steam though before I can think about getting outside help on the drawing front, it would be awesome that's for sure but it'd feel like cheating and letting everyone down if I can't provide entertainment myself.