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  1. TomZa
    oh damn, totally failed to notice your message :o been doing pretty good doe, doing well in school and my life is good atm too. maybe we should play some games some day?
  2. Sir Spicy Buns
    It's been a very long time, i sort of dropped out of the whole facepunch community for a while, i've been doing pretty good how about you buddy?
  3. TomZa
    jesus christ man its been like over 2 years since i last messaged you anywhere. haven't really seen you on fp either, how u doin?
  4. Sir Spicy Buns
    Good good, haven't been doing much but i've been doing good
  5. TomZa
    I've been doing pretty good, these past months. School and all that stuff. How about you?
  6. Sir Spicy Buns
    Yeah man, very long time. What have you been up to?
  7. TomZa
    Long time no see