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  1. YourFriendJoe
    Is it a warm igloo?
  2. X-tra
    I live in Canada, eh ? Come to my igloo, it's pretty neat.
  3. YourFriendJoe
    Alright dad, fine.


    So where do you live dad?
  4. X-tra
    Don't worry, it'll be fun. Just call it out loud if cops are coming and everything'll be fine.
  5. YourFriendJoe
    "Wanna do crystal meth with me"

    Is 12

    Now I have prove dad.
  6. X-tra
    Wanna do crystal meth with me ?
  7. YourFriendJoe
  8. X-tra
    o u so crazy
  9. YourFriendJoe
    Guess who takes the 236 message, bitches?

    That's right.
  10. X-tra
    Now that's what I want to hear.