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  1. YourFriendJoe
    Oh yeah, back from the..wait do you know why I wsa banned yet? I do, but a month..how you know that
  2. X-tra

    You didn't miss anything, really. That last month has been bland to death anyways.
  3. YourFriendJoe
    O hai I was banned for a month wats going on?
  4. X-tra
    Why thank you my good sir. I guess I'll take this as a compliment lol.
  5. YourFriendJoe
    Because you are a badass effin nerd
  6. X-tra
    Lol, why am I not surprised ?
  7. YourFriendJoe
    Why, garry did.
  8. X-tra
    You know I won't press something with "Micropenis" on the url lol.
  9. YourFriendJoe
    Heres a link on how to be awsome [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropenis[/url]
  10. X-tra
    I think somebody is mad.