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  1. Funion
  2. Neat!
  3. Funion
    make me a butt baby
  4. Neat!
    my steam is ded rip

    add me on skype, bigorca107
  5. Funion
    ooooooooooooo interesting

    i want to know more about you

    i added you on steam btw
  6. Neat!
    actually i'm 17, and turn 18 in april

    so you're slightly older than me :OOOO
  7. Funion
    rainbow steps sound awesome

    also i probably would not get disowned

    also you are 23 and i turn 18 in sept ;(
  8. Neat!
    3660 and third, funny looking suspended building with weird windows and rainbow steps

    also are your parents the kind of people that would disown you if you came out? i'm sorry :c
  9. Funion
    don't even know where that is

    haven't come out to my parents anyhow
  10. Neat!

    do you go to one in ten? we may have already met