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  1. Foxconn
    No. Mine is too original to be replaced with that piece of 200% cuteness. I am so sorry. I'd want to use that, but... :c
  2. snowzombeh
    you use it! then we both have Maki avatars :3
  3. Foxconn
    Avatar Version - [url]http://www.anonmgur.com/up/c11d7f970867323f31c9e858ef59e270.png[/url]

  4. Foxconn
    Cute tits :3
  5. snowzombeh
  6. Foxconn
    Oh, I see.

  7. snowzombeh
    Look up Maki Badfox on google for more cuteness ^^
  8. Foxconn
    That avatar is cute as hell. o/