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  1. pvt.jenkins
    Man all that stuff happened ages ago, you're still angry about that? it's just FP modeler courtesy to ask someone before you use something they worked on something for yourself, seriously let it go stop dragging shit.

    Also "Pathetic, sad, lonely, narcissistic, asshole-ish hypocrite" man what the hell, how can you actually look at that and think to yourself "Yeah man this is totally a acceptable thing to say to someone." and to think you chucked this piss fit all over "Your joke was already shit" (What you yourself even admitted was badly worded.) I mean I admit ninja did go after you a bit with profile comments but Jesus I seriously can't understand your mindset how can you pit none of the blame on yourself.

    The worst thing about people like you is you never realize when you've done something wrong.
  2. pvt.jenkins
    Whoa did he seriously take a jab at you for having aspergers?

    Your kinda a rude ay viper.
  3. Ninja Nub[NOR]
  4. pvt.jenkins
    ching chong ping ling
  5. Ninja Nub[NOR]
  6. pvt.jenkins
    i tags don't work anymore dumb nignog
  7. Ninja Nub[NOR]
    Yeah you're saying that [I]now[/I]!
  8. pvt.jenkins
    no it wsa 4 u
  9. Ninja Nub[NOR]
    I knew you were into them!
    I knew it!
  10. pvt.jenkins
    no it wsa 4 u