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  1. ProffesorAssHat
    Nope. I haven't found it yet. Looks like I'll have to get out the old image and make a new avatar with it.
  2. smithy69
    Yeah, I know. I was just pointing out that it's awesome. Oh, did you ever find that SpongeCarlton avatar? I probably should have mentioned it ages ago, but I just remembered it now.
  3. ProffesorAssHat
    Thanks! You should give Mister Sandman all the praise though. He made it. :U
  4. smithy69
    Love the new avatar, AssHat.
  5. smithy69
    That'd be great. I've been looking for it, but I can't find it in 64x64, and Paint doesn't resize it properly.
  6. ProffesorAssHat
    I would give you my SpongeCarlton avatar if you wanted, but yeah... I'm kinda stuck on that until I figure out what the fuck is going on with my computer.
  7. smithy69
    I can never find any real good avatars anywhere. It sucks.
  8. ProffesorAssHat
    I wish I could get my old SpongeCarlton avatar, but my main computer that has all my FP avatars is acting like shit, so I have no access to it. Thus, I am forced to use my brother's computer which has NONE of my FP avatars.

    my computer sucks dick
  9. smithy69
    I only did it because you have a DBZ related avatar. But yes, please bring back SpongeCarlton.
  10. ProffesorAssHat
    "over 9000 times better"

    I see what you did there...