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  1. TCB
    least you have a spacebar, mine broke and i have to punch it for it to work
  2. Scarabix
    comes with not being bothered to use this horrible backspace key I guess.L
  3. TCB
    as long asf ur fnot typingf like ztjos#2, im fine with it, man
  4. Scarabix
    You know I'm not doing this for anyone but myself right?

    I mean, I don't get drunk to entertain you guys. Most of the time I don't even touch the computer for the night when I get wasted. I'm trying to forget about stuff. It just so happens that I'm all by myself at home when I do, which you'll agree is pretty sad, and I end up using the computer.
  5. TCB
  6. Scarabix
    then I'm cool I guess.
  7. TCB
    But pretending to be drunk isn't cool.
  8. Scarabix
    I don't need to justify myself. It's summer time, and I've managed to refrain from drinking for a whole school year, I think I am entitled to do what I damn want.
  9. TCB
    Stop pretending to be drunk.