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  1. Lordgeorge16
    Thanks bro.
  2. Stren
  3. Lordgeorge16
    Do you have the source to your avatar anywhere?

    ...For scientific and medical purposes, of course.
  4. Lordgeorge16
    Shark ass is so nice and smooth, bro.
  5. Stren
    Shark butt, rerrrrr
  6. Lordgeorge16
    Ahh, there it is. Not bad.
  7. Stren
    It's a long loop, and it doesn't work when resized for a visitor message either.
  8. Lordgeorge16
    Really? It doesn't seem to be moving at all/changing to another image to me.
  9. Stren
  10. Lordgeorge16
    Is this new one a .gif/.apng? I can't tell...