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  1. RobyYe
    Eh? It still has a wingdings font to me. Strange. Well, See Proch's message.
  2. /B/rother
    why does your title all of a sudden spell aja?
  3. /B/rother
    i know that feel.

    fuck patience
  4. RobyYe
    I know, I know. But impatience always fucks me over
  5. /B/rother
    don't worry, someone will make it
  6. RobyYe
    I'm trying to get one, But I requested in the Avatar Request section. It's probably gonna take a while, But meh.
  7. /B/rother
    you should get a gif avatar, man!
  8. RobyYe
    G0OOOoo00LD so weel
  9. /B/rother
  10. /B/rother
    You're fucking generous and you made my mood go up a few notches.
    Thanks, broski